Pittsburgh Businesswoman, Susan McGalla Sticks to Her Game Plan as a Female Executive

American Consultant and career business woman, Susan McGalla learned early on that being “female” in traditionally male dominated chief executive positions, was a challenge. But, she was clearly prepared to handle the challenges due to her upbringing in East Liverpool, Ohio.

McGalla grew up in a household also filled with male bravado, courtesy of two brothers and a football coach father. Her motivational factor, actually came from her father, who instilled in her the fact that it didn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, just be a strong, focused individual.

As a veteran retail executive, Susan McGalla managed top level decisions for household name brands, American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. and Wet Seal. Being confident in her own abilities made McGalla comfortable as a woman in business operations, this confidence helped propel McGalla to significant positions within successful corporations.

McGalla earned her Bachelor’s of Art Degree from a private liberal arts college in Alliance, Ohio, Mount Union College. After college, McGalla’s employers saw huge potential within her and she managed to capitalize on the possibilities when she was presented with opportunities for career growth.

In 2009, she was recruited as the top talent for American Eagle. Prior to rising to the top position of Chief Executive Officer with American Eagle Outfitters, Inc., Susan actually worked her way through the ranks in a manner which epitomizes her strategy for exceeding expectations.

Obviously, McGalla did not let gender hinder her career growth; she continued to excel in top level positions. Many of her make peers expressed surprise that she was both female and so young. As a successful executive and business woman, McGalla turned her talents to providing instruction to other women aspiring to reach their highest potential. In her consultant capacity, she founded the company, P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. She provides client consults, giving directional advice in regards to brand building, marketing and talent acquisition.

Today, Susan McGalla continues with the challenge of being a female entrepreneur while working as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburg Steelers Football Organization front office.

Although, McGalla career success makes her a sought after consultant and public speaker, with the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and as a Series CEO Speaker for the Carnegie Mellon University, she doesn’t consider herself a barrier breaker. When asked about the possibilities of women achieving success in male dominated careers, she stated, “My angle on this in my career was not to ‘break the glass ceiling,'” McGalla explains. “To make the point, I never carried a chip on my shoulder of what I should be entitled to as a woman or what prejudices existed.”

Clearly, Susan McGalla has no issue with being a successful top level executive. Chief Executive Officers are still 90 percent male, with women only accounting for 10 percent of those jobs. To Susan, being a woman wasn’t a stumbling block for her career success because she always maintained a confident, optimistic approach.

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