Philanthropy Plays A Kay Role For Bruce Levenson

The former owner of the NBA franchise the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson has recently departed the sports industry after the sale of the team to billionaire Tony Ressler. The Maryland based businessperson does not seem to show any signs of slowing down as he looks to embark on the next stage of his business life as a well known philanthropist. Not only does the community based work of Bruce Levenson on wikipedia remain at the forefront of his life, the decision to create a community that is more based on giving and community action has been an important factor for the co-founder of the UCG analytics company.

The School for Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland has been a particular focus for Bruce Levenson and his family in a bid to leave a lasting legacy for the people of the world. The Levenson’s, particularly Bruce and wife Karen have been integralin donating funds and raising much more money for The University of Maryland to establish the department. Originally, the focus of the school the Levenson’s have helped to create was formed with a focus on aiding the many community based programs established to help the communities in Maryland and Washginton DC.

The role of the School for Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership has now changed a little as students are still encouraged to intern with local groups, but hsa also developed a global view. The first students from Maryland have begun working on programs in the country of India and across the continent of Africa where they feel they can be of great help. The expansion of the school to a global view can be credited to the work of Bruce and Karen Levenson to continue to work to extend the reach of the school across the college itself and the communities of the world.

Alongside the approach that has seen new buildings and a dorm created that allows the students at the School for Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership to immerse themselves in an all encompassing environment. Other students at the University of Maryland have not been ignored by the move towards community based service, a monthly contest is now held that allows students from across campus to submit ideas for new programs. Both new and existing programs can benefit from the regular contestbacked by the Levenson’s that sees charitable programs benefit greatly in the state of Maryland and in all corners of the globe.

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