Perry Mandera: Transport Professional

Perry Mandera is a transportation industry executive, a prominent board member for the Illinois Trucking Association, has been named one of America’s top transportation executives, and is the founder of The Custom Companies Incorporation located in Northlake, Illinois. Perry Mandera is also an active supporter of the Illinois State Crime Commission, a tax exempt charitable organization, that has awarded Mandera with multiple awards including the Bishop Sheil award in 2010 and a Citizen of the Year award in 2011.

The ISCC is a nonprofit organization that focuses on working towards reducing crime rates, promote positive interactions between law enforcement officers and the general public, and also provides extra training for law enforcement in the local area.

Perry Mandera’s company Custom Companies utilizes a plethora of techniques to better serve its clients (Chicago.cbslocal). Those techniques include Cheetah dispatch which is a concise and effective software that grants Custom Companies the ability to access a wide variety of vital information such as pickup times and proof of delivery using satellite-tracked tablets that are issued to each driver. The warehouse management system is utilized with a “pick and pack” service which allows users to keep track of their inventories with ease. Finally, the Dock management system which provides a completely paperless system that relies on individual and unique bar codes to keep track of each shipment. With these technologies, the Custom Companies Inc that Perry Mandera founded is able to transport freight quickly, efficiently, and almost effortlessly.

The Custom Companies Inc. has been ahead of the ball in the world of technological transportation industry for over three decades. Custom Companies pride themselves on their “world class customer service” as well as their transporting capabilities. Perry Mandera is a world class citizen and owns a topnotch freight shipping company that utilizes state of the art technology to ensure their customers the best transportation experience possible.


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