Oncotarget Progresses Forward to Its Stated Objectives

Oncotarget begin as a multidisciplinary traditional journal with an initial focus on oncology, the study of the prevention of diseases, especially cancer, in 2010.

Oncotarget was able to separate itself from other journals entirely from other journals through the implementation of democratization.

A show of demonstration that Oncotarget supports democratization is the implementation of Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Because of this license, this allows researchers can actively share the published reports that are published on Oncotarget with other researchers.

The other side-benefit is the researchers would be able to share their reports with other researchers in adjacent fields at a faster rate.

At this time, it is important that Oncotarget’s main focus was on the subject of oncology altogether.

There were adjacent topics to the study such as to oncology such as cell death, autophagy, immunology, and other topics.

Because of this added feature of using the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, time is definitely more saved with researchers being able to pursue their experiments at a more expedient pace.

Thanks to the democratized nature of the journal itself, Oncotarget is able to hasten the experiments to a much faster pace. Learn more about Oncotarget at researchgate.net

Progressing Through Its Media Goals

In related news, Oncotarget continues to move forward with its mission to move its media landscape further into progression.

Earlier in 2017, Oncotarget stated that their objective would be to transform their journal from one that had a weekly publication schedule to one that has a twice-weekly schedule.

Obiviously, readers would be able to expect more entries to be published.

There is another problem that is also solved, too. Readers and consumers of Oncotarget’s content will not have to worry about gaps in their published reports or worse, hiatuses.

The next objective that Oncotarget had mentioned is that they had plans to make a podcast to feature the breakthroughs that Oncotarget had been encountering through its published reports.

The podcast’s objective was to create an auditory avenue for listeners to hear about the breakthroughs in Oncotarget.

The podcast episodes’ length are relatively short so each episode is so incredibly easy to listen to easily.

The podcast also serves another need, too: it allows for people to efficiently listen to the breakthroughs that Oncotarget has been able to accomplish in an auditory avenue.

Oncotarget (the podcast) is available on the following platforms: Stitcher, Soundcloud, Player.FM, and iTunes. Download output styles at Endnote.com


Oncotarget was a participant in other accomplishments, as well..

The journal itself also carries a relative high impact factor with the score being 5.168.

This states that Oncotarget has contributed the progress of oncology overall.

As Oncotarget becomes increasingly important, the journal has been taking efforts to begin publishing two issues per week with new issues being released on Tuesday and on Friday.

One such accomplishment is that Oncotarget researchers have been able to identify proven new therapeutic strategies to treat thyroid cancer.

Oncotarget is still remaining indexed by most scientific databases such as BIOSIS Previews, Embase, Biological Abstracts, and Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition.

Oncotarget’s rewarding accomplishments have been notable and recognized.

Preventing Diseases in an Open and Free Way

The results and the accomplishments for Oncotarget are self-explanatory, partly due to its democratization concept.

Learn more: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/journals/1558/

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