Nobilis Health, a healthcare development and management company

Nobilis Health is a Canadian healthcare development and management company. They have training in improving and overseeing many surgical clinics. Those clinics are ambulatory surgical centers which are outpatient care. Their aim as a business is to lower the cost to patients, have admirable medical care, and strengthen the peace of mind of the patient. Nobilis health have surgeons skilled surgeons that are trained in spine surgery, podiatry, gastrointestinal surgery, pain management, orthopedic surgery, general surgery,and otolaryngology.

They were established in 2007. They were called Northstar Healthcare back then. They was on the Toronto Stock Exchange. They had an IPO of 150 million which was a huge IPO in Canada. They changed their name to Nobilis Health in 2014. Also last year they requested to have an IPO on the U.S. national stock exchange. They have 200 to 500 medical staff. They are headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Back in July of this year, Nobilis Health purchased Plano Valley Hospital. They decided to buy the hospital because of the modernistic equipment, and the location is perfect for patients and staff. Nobilis Health also have possession of nine other medical clinics. They are associated in marketing with 16 other surgical clinics.

A stock analyst at Mackie Research Capital named Russell Stanley picked Nobilis Health as his top pick for the fourth quarter. Nobilis Health had an acquisition of First Surgical Hospital (which became First Nobilis Hospital) that was worth seven million dollars. They also purchased another hospital called Freedom Pain Hospital that was worth 3 million dollars. They also bought a company called Athas Health for 34 million dollars. This purchase helped grow Nobilis Health greatly. Athas Health was known for their strong marketing skills which helped Nobilis Health extend their services to patients to other seven states which some are Michigan, and New Jersey.

Last year when they were Northstar Healthcare, they had 17.2 million dollars in revenue in the third quarter which was a dramatic growth for the company. This growth was the result of having an EBITDA of one million dollars. The company had a cash flow of 4.3 million during the third quarter last year. Their net capital was 21 million dollars and cash of 13 million which was a growth from the previous year.

Nobilis Health is a healthcare company that always puts patient care before all else. If there are any suggestions are made to the surgeons, the surgeons are quick to made those adjustments. They also have webinars, and 3D models to help educate and ease the patient’s fear of a procedure called Accurascope. The webinars and the 3D models are free. Nobilis Health started educating their patients in 2013. This education has helped the company grow in revenue.

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