New Yorkers Want Greener Apartments

According to an article published in the New York Times, home buyers are now looking for apartments that will offer them a private outdoor space. They want an apartment that has some greenery around it; such as an outdoor terrace or even a slice of lawn. Of course, for those that are not able to spend more than $500,000 the options may seem limited. In fact, they somewhat are for those that are not willing to venture out into Staten Island but would prefer to stick to the boroughs.

Many condos and co-ops offer outdoor space, but this can mean shared outdoor space such as patios or gardens that are open to the community. It can be hard to sift through all of the results to look for what you want, but a persistent buyer with some time an sort through all of the options to find some choices that will fit their needs.

For instance, Town Residential has a handful of great listings in some of the top NYC neighborhoods including Soho, Tribeca ,Upper East Side, Lower East Side, West Village, and Chelsea. A lot of their rentals offer great rooftop terraces that make it easy to escape into the greenery and sunlight so that you can forget about the city life for a few minutes (or hours) a day. Each apartment offers a mix of modern luxury and sleek city living with some great amenities and of course door service.

Buyers looking for green space need to be careful however, because some of the apartment choices that offer green space compromise with small living quarters in NYC luxury real estate. For example, the article cited an apartment in Brooklyn that offers a great garden that even has space for tables and paths. However, the apartment itself is a studio that it would be hard to fit a large bed into, let alone any larger furniture. It seems there is always a trade-off, but for those who value their green space it may be an option. More boroughs and their available options are discussed further in the article and many with the same types of problems.

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