New Technologies And Financial Results Excite Pulse Evolution’s John Textor

John Textor has taken the long road to success in Hollywood, but he is now reaping nthe rewards of success as the Executive President of Pulse Evolution after a successful period in charge of the Digital Domain studio. Pulse Evolution has been a name on the lips of many in the entertainment industry after completing a number of small public performances using an innovative hologram based form of technology, which has included performances by Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur holograms. The Florida based company has now been seeking to move towards a national stock offering following the publishing of its second quarter financial results for 2015 and assurances of regular future financial reports.

John Textor began his career in financial investing, but has always had an eye on the world of entertainment, in fact, his Florida based Wyndcrest Holdings specialized in entertainment and telecommunications investments from its establishment onwards. Textor moved through a number of industries with their basis in technology, including the Online retailing industry before getting the chance to head the Digital Domain studio. John Textor took his skills in technology and finance and displayed them with Digital Domain by guiding the visual effects department to an Academy Award win. The work of John Textor has b=not been limited to his role with Digital Domain and Pulse Evolution, he has also become an independent movie producer focusing on projects featuring the use of computer generated imagery.

The success of Digital Domain under the guidance of John Textor led to his current role with Pulse Evolution where he continues to combine his skills in finance with technology development. Bloomberg told that the national stock offering is of particular importance to the future of Pulse Evolution as the company is looking to make large strudes in the development of its own live shows using hologram technology. Investors have been watching the reports of the company to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, where a small offering was made on an OTC market to raise $15 million for initial research funding. After Pulse Evolution made a number of deals with the estates of major entertainment figures estates that include profit share agreements the company became a major part of the future of the live entertainment scene.

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