New Life In Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities are often looked at as a last resort and a bad one at that. The negativity attached to the idea of living in an assisted living home has been a universal thought, though many people don’t know much about actual facilities. Assisted living doesn’t mean there is absolutely no more independence in your life and that you’re dictated by a certain schedule and rules. Moving into these facilities shouldn’t be seen as a last resort or the end of the road, it should be seen as a wonderful way to live out your golden years with assistance as needed.  You just have to find a good facility, and that’s why reviews are invaluable.

Many places offer assistance as its requested, and let their guests choose with their doctor what works best for them. In most cases a general fee covers the cost of residence, meals, and daily clean-up but a deposit may be required depending on the facility. Individual laundry services may be an added charge, but many places offer daily laundry service for things such as bed sheets and towels. Most facilities include transportation and social groups as part of their package to ensure their guests are not confined to their rooms and have the ability to socialize during the day.

For those who are living or plan on living in the area of Southern California, Manse on the Marsh is a premier assisted living facility that offers a wider variety of luxury amenities. Founded and owned by Chris Skiff, Manse on the Marsh hopes to break the term ‘old folks home’ and paint a new, better picture for seniors and the way they view these facilities. Skiff is an honors graduate from UCLA and has always been focused on senior care and how he can improve it. At 23 Skiff worked with one of the biggest developers in southern California to create, build and provide affordable senior apartments.

Manse on the Marsh offers a myriad of top notch amenities as well as a few added bonuses found solely at their facility. Residents can choose from studio and one bedroom apartments, and residents can choose between fully independent living or their assisted living program.  Contact them for even more information.

They have a large and well paid staff of registered nurse on the premises twenty four hours a day as well as an emergency response team. Each guest is given a pendant they can use at any time to ask for assistance, no matter the time. They serve three meals daily as well as offer fruit baskets and hot beverages through the day. They’ve got a home-theater with fresh popcorn, library and computer access as well green space in terraces looking over the beautiful valley. Manse on the Marsh gives you a wonderful place to live out your golden years without sacrificing your independence.  Their twitter outlines even more of what they have on offer.

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