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As a world’s population explodes exponentially, various nations around the world remain looking for ways to grow their economy. Moreover, these nations remain looking for ways to feed their population. Unfortunately, developing nations such as Haiti do not have the resources to adequately feed their population. Therefore, these nations remain dependent on other nations for help. In addition to lacking the necessary resources, these countries also face an increased risk of attracting viruses such as Ebola and Listeria. For those unaware, Ebola remains an extremely deadly virus that people contract while eating contaminated food. In addition to Ebola, nations face other situations such as Listeria. For those unaware, Listeria remains another deadly foodborne illness. OSI Group Acquires Flagship Europe .

Fortunately, companies such as OSI Industries remain hard at work by providing the world with safe food products and services. Moreover, OSI Industries assumed its position as an industry leader in 1909. This remains attributed to the company’s founder immigrating to the United States. With that being said, the company began as a family meat market. In addition, the company remained headquartered in the Chicago area. By the late 1920s, the company entered the wholesale meat market. This remains attributed to the company’s ability to build their reputation as a top provider of superior meat products. As a result, the company has received praises from fast food chains such as KFC and McDonald’s. By the 1950s, the company formed an alliance with McDonald’s and became one of their primary meat suppliers. Sheldon Lavin, Chairman, And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC .

Prior to their partnership, McDonald’s reportedly had over 100 meat suppliers. Therefore, the company’s partnership with McDonald’s remains noteworthy. Moreover, the company introduced several revolutionary methods such as cryogenic freezing. For those unaware, cryogenic freezing remained relatively unheard of prior to that point. By the 1970s, the company became officially known as OSI Industries. Moreover, the company’s wealth ballooned into the billions. This remains attributed to several power moves such as their acquisition of a Tyson food plant. Moreover, the company bought their food plant for $7.4 million dollars. Also, the company purchased Baho Foods. Ultimately, this improved the company’s visibility in the European market. for more.

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