Monopoly Ready To Buy Up Theaters Soon

Just about every type of entertainment has inspired a movie or two. Comic books, television shows, and even classic toys have been the subject of major motion pictures over the past decade. It would stand to reason that one very traditional form of entertainment would also inspire a motion picture-the board game. While “Battleship” is still fresh in the minds of movie audiences everywhere, another popular family game is set to make a big screen debut.

According to Screen Rant, Monopoly is being adapted to a major movie. The film is apparently going to be modeled after family-friendly adventure fare, like “The Goonies,” to keep audiences engaged. While the actual plot, script, and cast are yet to be determined, the film has a lot of negativity to conquer after “Battleship” was less than enthusiastically embraced by audiences. Since the Monopoly movie is still in the pre-production phase, the project has a ways to go before audiences get to roll the dice with this one.

Moving the film toward a family-friendly adventure film is a pretty good idea. After all, a film about a person walking around buying things would get pretty dull for Mikal Watts to want to watch. In any event, the film is moving forward with a treasure hunt kind of plot. That point alone is enough to draw some interest, but the cast and director will have a lot to say about how well the film does at the box office.

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