Mikal Watts Files A Lawsuit For US Farmers

As reported by News On 6, a legal team fronted by Mikal Watts, of the San Antonio firm of Watts Guerra, is calling upon farmers to file a lawsuit against Swiss seed producer Syngenta, for selling a genetically altered version of corn in 2013 and 2014. The country of China refused to import the corn, which resulted in billions of dollars in losses by US farmers because China rejected all imported corn from the United States. Hundreds of thousands of US farmers were affected by the situation.

Watts said he wants to recover the ongoing financuial damages farmers have been subjected to as a result of Syngenta’s actions. He also had this to say: “Those who have suffered financially due to the decline in corn prices may be able to join the thousands of farmers already filing suit against Syngenta in 20 states, as well as in various federal courts.”

The firm of Watts Guerra has a lot of experience handling agricultural lawsuits. Mikal Watts won a 750 million dollar settlement against Bayer Crop Sciences. He is among a few attorneys adept at mass agricultural torts.

In 2009, Mikal Watts partnered with Francisco Guerra IV. The firm handles catastropic personal injury cases, toxic torts, negligence cases, and commercial litigation.

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