Marcio Alaor And BMG Leading Bank In Brazil

In the financial market, BMG bank founded by Guimaraes family, has reflected recommendable performance over the last eight decades. With its credit facilities, the bank has extended its support from the individual level to companies. They have really taken lead in offering solutions. All this has been made possible through their cards in payroll credit, financing large economics groups and companies, financing vehicles already used and BMG equity loans at the home level. Banco Itaú BMG Consignado S.A., plays a part in assisting the bank in maintenance of the present payroll loan sector as it owns a percentage of the total stock capital.
Following the bank’s strengthened sales and an excellent operation in Brazil’s finance sector, BMG has maintained a firm stand over the years marking great history. It has extended its roots worldwide with the current vice president Marcio Alaor, coming up with a brand known all over. The bank has also come up with vast technology and an increased ability to focus on and target movements that stand out majorly in the market.
Led by the vice president, Marcio Alaor, together with the high qualified management team of professions, BMG has adopted high level collective practices in its governance. The Board of Directors work closely with the committee’s chairman, department of investor relations, Anti-money laundering Program and shareholder’s code of ethics since these members are highly independent. This works in perfecting the banks governance.
BMG in history has maintained a quality credit profile and this is all credited to its firm credit policy. It has come up with good strategies to deal with decision making in offering credits. This has been made possible through a formed committee that entirely deals with credit issues. The committee is working to see to it that the bank meets its demands responsibly with vast intelligence and efficiency.
The bank has also invested immensely on human capital placing this as the most highly considered aid to the company’s success. Through recognition of talents, BMG has brought up a team that has highly embraced creativity and teamwork to overcome challenges facing the bank.

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