Makeup Lovers, Rejoice!

Are you looking to have bright, beautiful Bambi eyes? How about amazingly spirited lips thickly covered with the most vibrant colors you ever thought possible? Your time has come and Lime Crime is your answer.

Lime Crime is a company located in Los Angeles, California and founded by current CEO, Doe Deere. The company promises bold and outrageous colors to bring out your unique personality and suggests that “If you like to live unapologetically, Lime Crime is for you”.

While the majority of the business is conducted through the Lime Crime website,, there are a limited number of locations in the United States and around the world that offer the product.

Perusing the Lime Crime website, however, is a true joy. Looking at the plump lips and choosing which crazy color they will sport is entertainment in and of its self. This is not necessarily a surprise as one of Lime Crime’s goals is to “create the best interactive shopping experience for makeup enthusiasts around the world”. While deciding on the makeup is a no-brainer (one of each please!), choosing among the brilliantly vibrant colors will cause you pause.

Speaking of paws, this makeup is both vegan and animal cruelty free. Ms. Deere has a soft spot for animals, so ensures no creatures are harmed during the process of creating her makeup. The company has a history of making charitable contributions to animal rescue groups as well as other charity groups that benefit women and children. In fact, this young company has already donated over sixteen thousand dollars to various charities including to Bideawee, the oldest no kill animal shelter in the country with offices, hospitals, and training centers throughout the state of New York.

Okay, back to the makeup. I must say I am most drawn to the lip products. The Unicorn Lipsticks have the ability to transform your boring lip-colored lips to thick and rich, passionate beauties with colors such as “Cry Baby”, a cartoon blue, “New Yolk City”, a banana yellow, and “Serpentina”, a metallic green. This line of lipsticks is glossy, sometimes shimmery, and always amazing.

If you are interested in trying something perhaps a tad more striking (is that possible?), I would encourage you to check out the Velvetines, “the original liquid to matte lipstick”. Veering from the typical glossy, shimmery lipstick to a matte finish is a bold, but brilliant move. Colors include “Squash”, a glow stick orange, “Shroom”, a 90s brown, “Wicked”, a deep red and “Black Velvet”, the blackest black. Imagine a super black lipstick with a matte finish; how wonderfully witchy!

I am truly a fan of Lime Crime and believe they strive with each of their creations to succeed in the mission of their company: “To break up the stale beauty ideals with fashion-forward shades and unmatched color payoff, so you can create looks as vivid and unique as you are”.

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  1. So I am a freak of colors and yes I have found lime crime to have complemented that. They have quality lipstick that ozessay review believes that guys with pink lips would really admire. No doubt I believe Lime Crime is doing a great job to compete in the beauty and fashion industry.

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