Major Buzz For Telereal and Graham Edwards

For many people, the world of property management and investing can be difficult to understand. Graham Edwards is someone who can navigate this field with ease and has a long track record of success. With education and expertise in business, Graham is definitely someone you want managing your assets.

Graham Edwards has been the chief executive officer at Telereal Trillium in London, England since its beginning in 2001 (Crunchbase). Since its birth, he has generated the company billions in annual revenue. He gained much of his education from Cambridge University in England with a degree in economics and has greatly impacted several companies with his knowledge. Education combined with experience is a powerful combination and Graham is great at why he does.

In 2009, Graham and Telereal had some serious negotiations to do when it came time to separate from the company Land Securities Group Plc. His work during the negotiations stage brought in billions of dollars for Telereal and further solidified Graham’s reputation. This is a man who knows how to take calculated risks with the guts to see hints through to the end. Shortly after this major feat, Graham and Telereal became known as a leader in the property management field.

Graham is just as passionate of his education as he is for his business in property management and investing. He furthered his education by pursuing a master’s degree in International Relations in London, England. His studies focus on the Middle East and it’s safe to say he will also find success in this field. He is also on several boards throughout the country including the Institute for Chartered Accountants in England and the UK Society of Investment Professionals.

Graham Edwards is certainly inspiration to anyone who wants to try their hand in the property management and investing fields. He and his company Telereal Trillium has made major headway in the field and continue to gain success all over England. Telereal Trillium’s website can provide more information on the company’s next move and their successful business moves are definitely worth keeping an eye on.


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