Madison Street Capital Report Reveals It Was Among The Top Performing Firms In 2015.

Madison Street Capital is a prominent hedge fund firm that offers fully integrated financial advisory services. Their financial advisory services focus on strategic and financial solutions for their customers all over the world. This firm has specialized in offering consultancy serviced on hedge fund, investment asset management, M&A advisory, financial and capital introduction, investment portfolio valuation on the compliance of ASC 820 and IAS 39, financial and investment restructuring and lastly financial sponsorship coverage. Madison Street Capital is known by investors all over the world for their unique and satisfying customer services. This firm is also known for its top cutting edge financial investment solutions which cater exclusively to each client’s needs. It is one of the investors top favorite investment and financial firms in the market. Its investments services are known to be holistic, in-depth based on the firm’s wide knowledge of the investment market.

This financial services leading firm just shared its 2015 performance and its 2016 plans on its 4th edition of the famous hedge fund industry M&A overview. This overview entailed the general transaction activities for the firm and the M&A opportunities that the firm engaged in. The overview states that Madison Street Capitals’ hedge fund deals that were closed in 2015 all over the world amounted to 42. In the previous year, 2014, the firm had a total of 32 transactions, 10 less than the 2015 figure. This signifies an increase in the number of transactions for the firm and also the general business activities of the firm. An approximate of 27% increase in transaction volume was recorded in 2015 in comparison to the volumes of 2014. The fourth quarter of 2015 was the most prosperous season for Madison Street Capital as most transactions were recorded during this period. The overview says that the firm focuses on much more success in 2016 using its key market drivers to create more opportunities and thus increase their deal momentum. This report reveals that Madison Street Capital aims to be the best performing hedge fund firm this year.

Deeper analysis on the overview reveals that assets in the hedge fund industry were able to maintain their normal best value. This came in the midst of a bad performance session in 2015 that was caused by bad hedge fund strategies. The lagging hedge fund performance pushed institutional investors into rapidly allocating their investments to the alternative asset management sector. These investors were driven by the search of higher competitive returns that were parallel to the rising liabilities. Some of the hedge funds had to operate be optimal portfolio capacity levels to get new clients and boost their income. Due to high operational costs in the industry, hedge funds had to resort to strategic alternatives.


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