London Vacation Rentals Allows Children To Learn About Different Cultures

I had such an awesome experience visiting London with our children on our last vacation. Instead of staying in a gloomy hotel we decided it would be much more educational for the kids, if we stayed at an apartment. I was so excited to find World Escape London before we booked our trip. If I hadn’t used World Escape we would have missed out on so much.

This gave the kids a much better understanding about life in a different country. We were able to find the perfect apartment, big enough for our whole family. We have three kids so not only was the apartment the right size but, it provided us with a kitchen. Having a kitchen on our trip was wonderful and it allowed us to save a great deal of money since we didn’t need to go out for all three meals.

We were also lucky enough to find an apartment with a washing machine. This made it so we didn’t have to pack as many clothes which was great. It saved us money in that respect as well because we didn’t have to pay overage charges on our luggage, since we were able to pack light.

Our kids were excited because they got to know some of the local children within the building which was a nice treat for them. Usually when we travel the vacation is centered around us and the kids go with us from one museum to the next, usually bored as can be. This gave all of us an opportunity to see what life is like in a different country without playing the role of a tourist.

This helped our children learn a great deal about other London from a hands on perspective. If we had stayed in a hotel they would have missed out on so much. Instead they made new friends and have decided to keep in contact by becoming pen pals. I can’t thank World Escape London enough for being such a user friendly website that made it easy to book our London trip. I would definitely book our next vacation through World Escape London.

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