Little Known Genius Of John Textor

Everyone in the visual and media industry is well versed with the name of John Textor. His fans, however, know him as the person who brought back Michael Jackson in a virtual show that was a visual delight. John Textor (and his work with Digital Domain) has been touted as one of the most influential visionaries of the visual media world. Here are some of his little talked about works –

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – This movie, with Lisbeth Salander, in the lead had a number of scenes that were a visual marvel. One particular scene with Lisbeth in the motorcycle, and the car crash that followed was made possible because of John Textor and Digital Domain. Also, the scenes of Sweden’s chilling winter were shot in Florida and Venice, but Digital Domain helped to make them realistically frigid under the leadership of John Textor.

Thor – Marvel has always needed some extensive visual effects for its movies and Thor was no different. John Textor and Digital Domain helped with the environment of the frost giants, creatures, and some digital characters that Thor vanquishes. The Frost Beast, one of the main challenges for John Textor and Digital Domain, was created after much discussions and the results were fascinating for fans and makers alike. The work was done by seamlessly blending live action with CG.

Star Trek – This franchise made a comeback under J.J. Abrams and the sheer weight of expectations from fans would have been too much for anyone. However, John Textor managed to finish the job beautifully and the entire team of Digital Domain was spellbound by the leadership of its President and CEO. Various key scenes in the movie were handled by John Textor, including the rescue scene at the USS Enterprise’s engineering bay. The phaser battle scene was also brought to life by Digital Domain.

2012 – The apocalyptic movie, based on the Mayan conspiracy theory of the world ending on December 2012, had a lot of scenes showing the destruction of the world as everything was flooded and the ground vanished, taking people with it. These scenes were accomplished using visual effects that were facilitated by John Textor and his team at Digital Domain.

He has also worked in bringing the character of “Benjamin Button” to life and his works have won numerous awards because of the effort that has been put in by John Textor and his team.

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