Lime Crime Cosmetics is bringing Unicorn Hair to their customers

In recent years pastel pinks, purples and greys have made it onto the most fashion forward celebrities. The trend quickly gained popularity and just about everywhere you looked woman and men were sporting pastel tinted locks. Now hair color is evolving even more in the direction of brighter and bolder colors.


Lime Crime a cruelty free, vegan cosmetic line is coming to the call of all those who are craving richer and brighter hair color. Lime Crime is known for their variety of lip colors and has grown to offer eye shadows, eye liners, pop-on nails, and finally hair products. Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime considers to be a unicorn queen herself. Creating her cosmetic brand has given her a way to express herself unapologetically. She encourages women and men to do the same.


What is unicorn hair you ask? Unicorn hair consists of bright bold colors almost fantasy like. You can do one single color all over or mix and match painting strands several different colors like a rainbow. On April 3rd Lime Crime will give you the tools to let your imagination run wild. They will be launching their newest product a semi-permanent hair color named none other than “Unicorn Hair.” These brightly colorful shades will range from a charcoal grey named “Gargoyle” to a bright green named “Salad”.


If you have ever wanted to take some chances with your locks and go for a new bold look I would absolutely start with the Lime Crime brand. This semi-permanent hair color follows along with the rest of the cosmetic brand in being cruelty-free and vegan. It also contains no ammonia or bleach and is only meant to deposit color onto the hair. Because of the lack of chemicals the risk of damaging your hair are very small to non existent. Unicorn Hair will deposit on to medium to pale blonde hair and can last anywhere from 7-12 days. Depending how much you wash your hair it could last longer. Once it does begin to wash out the color should do so gradually. A huge statement with very little commitment.

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