LifeQode Unveiled by QNET in Supplement Package Trio

QNET recently unveiled its latest offering to the public, a trio of all natural supplements called LifeQode. QNET gained its popularity by becoming one of the fastest growing Asian direct sell to customer companies. Now they are poised to reach a global audience with a revolutionary product they feel will benefit a person for many years to come.

The new release is called LifeQode, comprised of three individual supplements that care called Berry Xtreme, EDG3 and Kenta. The big excitement over these new supplements is that they promise to be 100% halal, vegetarian, and organic. So what makes this supplement package any different from the list of others available globally in healthfood supply stores/ QNET spokesperson and regional general manager, Khaled Diab, says the LifeQode has been scientifically formulated to naturally restore balance within the human body by simply replenishing the nutrients that it needs each day to thrive.

These nutrients are the key to living a longer and healthier lifestyle. Comprised within the LifeQode are the three essential supplement packages. They are Berry Xtreme, EDG3 and Kenta, all made from natural ingredients to provide the human body access to the nutrients without the aid of dangerous or toxic chemicals that can lead to serious side effects. The all natural ingredients ensure the body can quickly utilize these compounds and get them into the bloodstream where they can go to work healing from within.

Diab has stated that the Berry Xtreme, EDG3 and Kenta each in their own way provide a immune booster and a gentle hormone balance and stimulation. The philosophy behind the company is that by ingesting healthier supplements, you now have possession of the key to your ultimate health success. By controlling your health, you can life a more sustained and healthier lifestyle for many years to come. The biggest positive that people are taking from these supplements is that they are friendly to a variety of different lifestyles. Even though each of the supplements comes in their own packet, the consumer has the opportunity to mix and combine flavors to meet their own unique nutritional guide.

Diab went on to say further that the researchers at QNET, as seen in this BusinessForHome article, see an alarming trend that is taking place in which the consumer is becoming too dependent on processed foods. These processed foods have very limited nutrients, and they do nothing in the way of helping to improve the health of the buyer, unless an all natural supplement that goes to work on the organs of the body that need help the most. When the body can not regenerate properly, a nutrient crisis is going to be the end result. They hope that Berry Xtreme, EDG3 and Kenta will change all that for the consumer.

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