Kevin Seawright Helping the Youth of America Have a Better Future

The Newark Economic Development Corporation, CFO Kevin Seawright, has worked with NewarkWorks, and other city figures to help the young people of Newark secure a job for 2016. The Summer Youth Employment Plan has the goal of helping young people earn six weeks of paid employment.

They are hoping this employment experience will boost college graduate rates for the local community. Other features of the program are on the job training, financial literacy, and empowerment lectures. They will learn about how to be “college ready” to increase the college graduation rates.

In order to get into the program, they will have to apply online. This online application will help to cut down on the long process of selecting applicants.

Their goal is to increase summer employment from 3,000 to 3,500. Kevin Seawright also want to teach children how to be financially literate, like open their own banking account. Santandar Bank and TD Bank are the two banks that are working with the Newark Works Program. All employees will be paid minimum wage, and it will run for six weeks.

All the skills the program wish to build are ones that will carry them to and through college. Kevin Seawright wants to teach them job skills, success/empowerment skills, financial skills, and other life skills. Many life skills are not taught in regular classrooms.

This program hopes to help prepare students better for the next stages of their life. NewarkWorks and Kevin Seawright have partnered to help the youth have a better future.

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