Keith Mann Unveils His Latest Education Based Program

The hedge fund and staffing expert Keith Mann has been committed to improving the educational opportunities of young people throughout New York for a number of years; the latest program unveiled by Mann sees the launch of the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. Both Keith and Keely Mann have been active participants in the establishment and continued support of the Uncommon Schools, an educational institution designed to provide the best opportunities for young people to move through high school to a four year college.

Keith Mann has been an important donor to the Uncommon Schools and other good causes, particularly those based in and around New York; the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship is based in Brooklyn, New York, which is an area the couple have supported in financial ways in terms of education and law enforcement. Keith Mann made his name as an executive in the hedge fund and head hunting industries before establishing his own Dynamic Search Partners group that has become a major part of the recruitment industry for top financial companies.

The commitment shown by Keith Mann towards educational programs sees him provide major support through fund raising programs aimed at supporting the Uncommon Schools charter high schools throughout Brooklyn. The establishment of the scholarship in the name of Keith and Keely Mann will allow a student from the schools to complete their four year college education without the concerns of financial support; the scholarship program is just the latest example of how Keith and Keely Mann have maintained their support for the educational programs created by the Uncommon Schools.

Along with the financial support the scholarship provides those who apply for acceptance will also find themselves looking closely at how they will develop themselves professionally through their college education and beyond. Each applicant will complete a 1,000 page essay explaining how they will benefit from the financial support offered and detail the ways they will continue their professional development with the aid of the scholarship provided by Keith Mann.

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