Keith Mann: Making a True Difference

A lot of people talk about making a difference, but very few actually go out and do it. When it comes to Keith Mann, he is one of those people that likes to talk the talk and walk the walk. He lives his life this way, each and every single day. It is not just cheap talk or promises coming out of his mouth. He is a man of his word and he knows that his reputation means a lot and what he says stands for a lot. Recently, along with Dynamics Search Partners, they held a fundraiser to help Uncommon Schools. The event was held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden. Along with various members of the financial services world, they raised over $22,000.

These funds are going to go towards sponsoring student testing in regards to the 2014-2015 year for students at a brand-new high school that was opened by the charter school. In Keith’s own words, it is about closing the gap. When it comes to low-income students, they don’t have to suffer anymore. They can be afforded the same chances that a student from a high-income housing can receive. They have every chance. After all, isn’t that all anyone wants in a life is a chance? With a chance, you can achieve anything and anything is truly possible. Nothing can stand in your way and nothing can stop you for obtaining your goals.

Keith Mann is all about the future and preparing them for the future. You can’t always help where you are raised or the money that your family has. However, it shouldn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a truly special life, each and every day, and that you can’t achieve whatever your dreams are. After all, dreams are what make life worth living and they help us get out of bed, each and every day. Keith Mann just wants that for the future and for the future children of America. He knows what it feels like to have a dream and want it more than anything in the world. No longer is it just a pipe dream, but it is a reality.

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