Joseph Bismark – Success from Spirituality


I was going through WordPress blogs and I found this appropriately named one– Bring on the Random– which has this really cool feature on Joseph Bismark. He is a man whose business is affected by the teachings of the ashram, far up in the mountains of the Philippines. His knowledge of spirituality has joined easily with his business beliefs.
Joseph Bismark was born in the Philippines and left home at age 9 to become a monk. At age 17 he joined the corporate world and implemented his teachings with his work. That was when Qnet chose him as the managing director for its group of companies. He has a keen eye for identifying the potential of employees and helping them grow with the business. He seamlessly balances work and spiritual life, making him the perfect example to everyone in the corporation.

This amazing business person has founded RHYTHM, which serves as the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility platform. His wish is to give back to the community. There are three elements that he believes create a better corporation and more pleasant work environment, and thus has proven to be true through successes with Qnet and many other areas of his life. Those elements are:

  • Success
  • Business
  • Spirituality

It sounds simple, and truly it is. Mr. Bismark has found that inner peace contributes to not only one’s overall well-being, but successes in life. Imagine for a moment, being an employee for a company run by someone focused on self-improvement. Just like a smile spreads from one person to another, so does finding that inner “yes!” that everyone wants. Other good things that come from such a workplace include:

  • Better problem solving
  • Harmony
  • Innovations
  • Profitability

Today, Joseph Bismark continues to inspire as an author of books and blogs, and he is a popular speaker in motivational conferences. If you’re interested in improving your business, and creating more of an inner peace, then you owe it to yourself to read his work, or attend a seminar.

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