Joseph Bismark Applauds Responsible Business Practices

The QI Group Inc., which is the parent company of QNet, recently was honored as a member of the United Nations Global Compact Network, according to an article released through Yahoo Finance. The UNGC is the largest corporate network of sustainability initiatives. QI became a member at the 2015 summit in Singapore.
The initiatives put down by UNGC has ten principles of business that include human rights, anti-corruption and environmental practices.
QI has vowed to adopt sustainable and responsible business practices when it became a member of UNGC. The initiative also encourages transparency in business when it comes to environmental and social policies. Being a member also helps the company network with other sustainable and responsible businesses. QI Group is a conglomerate of companies spanning across Asia. Their subsidiaries offer everything from direct selling and e-commerce to logistics and property management.
Joseph Bismark is a founding director of the group. Bismark spent much of his youth as a monk in an ashram in the Philippines. His vedic philosophies learned during his stay at the ashram help him in his leadership of QI Group. He lives by the belief that “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.” His open management style applauds team work. He has a great interest in leading a healthy lifestyle and bringing a spiritual outlook to the workplace. He has written several spiritual and self-help books and writes a blog at With Bismark’s philosophy and outlook on life and business, it is no surprise that he accepted the membership into the UNGC with arms wide open. In his personal life, he is also a yoga instructor, martial artist and bonsai master.

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