Jorge Moll Makes Headway on Research Studies at IDOR

Jorge Moll is a medical doctor and research group leader based in Brazil. Jorge Moll is the Director of D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR), and the head and founder of the IDOR Neuroinformatics Workgroup along with the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (CBNU)

The vision in making IDOR a reality was because of Dr. Moll’s dream to create an innovative and top-tier healthcare education in Brazil   The best advice he could give he said is to not delay any plans or ideas longer than necessary ( So, if one is not sure about the idea then it would be best to discard it immediately. And this is just what he and his associates implement in IDOR.

A new research made in IDOR headed by Jorge Moll shows why adoring sports fans go crazy about the teams they follow. According to the research made by Dr. Jorge Moll and his team of associates, the need to belong in a particular group is observed as a basic social need, which is an essential aspect for hominin progression (Crunchbase). And this is related to other researches that were conducted in the past years which illustrate the advantage being part of a group instead of being an outsider in times when solutions or decisions have to be made in a shared recognition among group members.

The foregoing conclusions were derived from the Journal of Scientific Reports published in November 23 which for the very first time discloses how the brain works in times when there is an unselfish rationale or provocation among sports fans where a “natural group” demonstrates strong ties with each other in real-life situations. Dr. Jorge Moll said that being connected to cultural groups is a basic instinct for survival that makes the study of its sensual origin indispensable.

Dr. Bortoloni, IDOR and Rio de Janeiro Federal University’s research lead author, explained that knowing the neural activities included in pro-group behavior and belonging in a group can provide answers in the development of unusual brain modulation procedures that can tackle clinical issues such as various psychiatric indications and antisocial demeanors that encompasses aggressive behaviors and attitudes that are related to sports.

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