John Goulet the Phenomenal Principle of Diversant

As their motto ‘Empowered by Difference’ suggests, Diversant is a validated Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) and is the biggest African-American owned IT staffing conglomerate in the US.
This enterprise offers products and services based on authentic metamorphic ideas targeted at meeting clients and partners’ needs as well as the communities at large.

Diversant also uses consulting approach and engages customers as certified business associates thus helping them solve discerning problems.

This foreign firm would not be where it is, though, were it not for their principal Goulet who is a visionary leader and an honorable entrepreneur. He attained his education in Ursinus College in Great Philadelphia Area from 1979-1983. From there John first served as a

Computer Consultant before rising to IT staffing manager. In 1994 however, he founded his company Info Technologies that provided Fortune 500 companies with staffing solutions.

John Goulet grew this business from scratch to being ranked 8th in the list of 500 fastest growing and best IT industry in the US. He achieved this accomplishment in just five years. His entrepreneurial mind believes in starting something and flourishing it to become unique using his talent and skill. John also likes to work for everything and never regards things that come easy.
His passion and experience also make him a great leader in Diversant as he holds the IT sector in high esteem, with respect and hard work. He always supports the clients’ demands to be met at a personal and corporate level.

Diversant believes that diversity in all forms brings more innovative solutions for customers and leads to bigger opportunities for partners and consultants. Some its values include Disciplined Teamwork, Ethical Behavior, Respect for others and Professional development. This firm believes diversity is crucial as it promotes innovation, inspires creative thinking and leads to effective problem solving. It also aids in building formidable ties with the community and links to different markets. Diversant understands that diversity is a fundamental element for a successful business, and their services and solutions are formulated to satisfy their clients’ needs. This has made it the go-to company for many people as it caters for all their desires.

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