Jeff Herman: Protecting Sexually Abused Victims

Recently, actor Corey Feldman has appealed to the Congress to pass the Child Victims Act and turn it into law. He found an alliance with Jeff Herman, who is a lawyer fighting on behalf of a sexual abuse victim, and Sarah Powers who is a star volleyball player. They also joined together to become a part of the group called the “New Yorkers against Hidden Predators,” and vowed that they would be eliminating the culture of sexual abuse in the United States. Many people started joining the cause, hoping that the problem with sexual abuse and harassment against children, women, and men would stop.

Jeff Herman is one of the supporters of the bill. He is based in New York City, and he is well-known all throughout the United States because of the positive reputation that he built through the years. He has an advocacy fighting against the culture of rape and sexual abuse, and he looks after the victims of these crimes and provides them with legal services. He is passionate about his job, and through the years of practicing law, Jeff Herman managed to increase his knowledge about how it works and what he should do to stop it. For those who are having troubles related to sexual crimes, Herman is the man to call because he knows what he is doing and he will be protecting his client no matter what.

Jeff Herman has been practicing his profession for decades, and one of the most popular cases that he handled is a landmark case versus a Roman Catholic priest who was accused of sexual abuse. His client won, and they were awarded $100 million for damages. Since then, Jeff Herman’s services became in demand, and people would like to choose him as their defender. For more than 25 years, he has been providing legal services to the most vulnerable members of the society. He is encouraging everyone who has been a victim of sexual abuse to speak up and not to be afraid. He is also telling the victims of sexual abuse that someone like Jeff will be protecting them against all the odds.

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