Jason Halpern: Visionary, Businessman, and Philanthropist

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The real estate industry is by far one of the most demanding, exciting, fascinating, and profitable industries in the world. This industry brings in hundreds of billions of dollars on an annual basis. The U.S. is home to many of these firms and JMH Development is the cream of the crop in this exclusive field of work. JMH specializes in residential and commercial real state. The firm has produced many luxurious projects across the country especially on the East coast. Managing Partner and Founder Jason Halpern has taken the family business to another level over the past few years by creating some of the most exclusive projects in the New York City and Miami, Beach Areas. The forty-something developer has an extensive educational background as he’s been around the business his entire life.

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Jason Halpern’s profound knowledge of the field has given him more insight of how to recreate affluent areas to match their distinctive styles. This has given him the keys to the city in a sense, which has also allowed him access to some of the most hallowed regions. He respects whatever community that he and the firm is building in, which has allowed him to build up his very own legendary resume. From the luxurious town houses in Cobble Hill (Brooklyn) to the 340 luxurious apartment complex in Manhattan known as the “184 Kent“, Jason Halpern and JMH Development has a made a name for itself. The 235 room Aloft Hotel on Miami, Beach was a huge endeavor to tackle as it became one of the firms biggest achievements when completed. The Aloft Hotel’s distinct art deco was well preserved while the interior design was fully modernized. Since 2009, this would be the first newly constructed hotel in the area.


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Halpern does his part by giving back to the community as well. He’s always present at local events, he’s funded projects for underprivileged countries, and he’s invested his own capital into the Halpern Trauma Center at West Chester Medical Center.

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