Investing like Chris Linkas

Investing is something that doesn’t always catch the interest of young adults. What most don’t realize is that they are in a great spot to start investing. Time is by their side. Through investment strategies involving compound interest and reinvesting, a person in their early 20’s could turn a small investment into something large by the time they are 60. Someone starting in their early 30’s, for example, wouldn’t have the same return on investment. By letting time and money work for you, you are able to grow your investment tenfold. This is a practice that Chris Linkas, Head of Credit at European Credit Group, believes in.

Another advantage that young adults have is that they can learn by doing and have the time to hone their craft. Because investing can take quite a bit of time to learn and quite a bit of time to perfect, younger people are able to refine their strategies and learn from their mistakes. Chris Linkas, for example, didn’t start as a master investor, their is a steep learning curve that he overcame.

Being a young adult near the turn of the century also has favorable advantages. With technology being so advanced nowadays, young people are able to acquire the necessary information and tools it takes to gain knowledge and expertise in the investing world. Tools like financial and educational websites, chat rooms, and social media apps are great instruments that young adults can utilize to gain investing experience.

Investing is something that is universal and can be used in all different spectra. Chris Linkas was able to take his knowledge and experience in investing and implement it in investing strategies involving commercial real estate, shipping, renewables, secondary LP interests, non-performing loans, and leases to name a few ( Also With investing, you aren’t limited. You can invest in many different markets around the world. Chris Linkas currently has investment ties in countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavia, Benelux, Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Greece. Investing has unlimited potential and can prove to be highly rewarding for young adults when done properly.


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