Information You Can Count On with Oncotarget

When faced with the need to research cancer, it’s latest treatments and breakthroughs, it can be difficult to determine what information is accurate in a world of online information and in many cases, misinformation. One of the best sources for accurate, up to date information is to turn to medical journals. These journals written by medical professionals, high-level medical students, accredited researchers, and scientist. The information far more reliable than random articles on the internet, which can be written by anyone.

Oncotarget is a peer-reviewed medical journal with a focus on cancer. The articles generally include topics such as finding the pathological basis of all cancers, possible objectives for therapy and treatment protocols used to help improve managing cancer for cancer patients. The successes and impact of various therapies are discussed as well. New therapies and protocols and how they directly affect the quality of life for cancer patients are the main focus of many of the information found at Oncotarget. The effectiveness of treatments and how well they can be adhered to, how accepted the treatments are by both patients and healthcare professionals are also explored.

Published weekly online, Oncotarget is free to access, making it available to anyone anywhere. Additionally, each issue or paper can be printed on special demand if paper copies are needed. The mission of Oncotarget is to mission is to make scientific results promptly and broadly available to both medical professionals as well as the general public. The aim is also to ensure the results of research are shared as soon as possible. For medical professionals, it can also help link different fields of biomedical science in research and treatment options. The overall goal, however, is to help fight disease and educate and advocate for cancer patients and to ensure accurate information on treatment options and breakthroughs is provided.

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