How Sussex Healthcare Continues To Provide Their Residents With Superior Quality Care

An article published earlier in the year in Medical Daily Times, took a look at the different services Sussex Healthcare offers to senior adults. As an agency that has been in operation since 1985, Sussex Healthcare currently operates more than 20 senior living facilities in the southeastern portion of the U.K.

Each facility employs a team of professional staff members who are capable of servicing the needs of the elderly twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The services this agency provides fills a need found in the absence of available in-home caregivers.

Sussex Healthcare is currently the only independent care facility that has accreditation for both HQS and ISO, with superior standards in quality. They also utilize the latest technology in the services provided to their senior residents, many of whom suffer from mentally deteriorating conditions such as dementia. Among the different therapies used by this agency’s trained professionals are hydrotherapy and reflexology. Hydrotherapy is offered in group sessions at the Sussex residential care facilities. It is used to improve flexibility, increase blood flow and strengthen joints. Reflexology could help reduce a person’s stiffness or soreness as well as increase their level of energy.


The team at Sussex Healthcare also helps their residents with social skills and mental clarity through craft classes and games. Not only do these activities improve a person’s critical thinking skills, they also help improve their motor skills. As part of their continuing effort to provide their residents with the best therapies possible, Sussex Healthcare opened their very first fully-equipped gym. In addition to the various machines designed to strengthen different muscle groups, this gym also has a pool capable of creating a constant current for water aerobics.

As an agency that specializes in providing care to senior adults, Sussex Healthcare is always looking for qualified individuals to work in their various residential homes and departments. They recently welcomed a new CEO onto their leadership team, who had the type of expertise in quality care management that would benefit their services. As the agency’s new CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor will work both internally and externally to ensure all residents receive the type of care they need. An online article recently published in News Version, highlighted the benefits of being a caregiver for the Sussex Healthcare network of homes. Caregivers are viewed as valuable employees who’s contributions are vital to the health and well-being of their residents.

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