How Important Was The Service Mesh Acquisition For CSC

As most people in the industry know, CSC’s plan to spin off its government business was partly driven by investors who wanted the company to provide more return for its shareholders. But in creating value in order to move towards a spin-off, the move to purchase Service Mesh is looking stronger all the time.

The former CEO of Service Mesh, Eric Pulier is a savvy technologist whose work has a propensity for living on in an industry where product life spans can be counted on one hand. His ability to divine what customers need and build an organization that provides that service in a crowded field has been documented over and over. So when CSC decided to purchase Service Mesh, it did so knowing that it had already emerged as a winner.

The Service Mesh Agility Platform

What Service Mesh does for customers is provide them with cloud capabilities that are much more flexible than they might otherwise provision themselves for. In today’s world, the more that you can move into the cloud as an IT director, the stronger the support from upper management because cloud computing is viewed as being a lower cost, better security type of option.

Because Service Mesh ran its own data centers as part of the platform, customers knew that the security that they were receiving was at least as adequate as the security that they could provide themselves on their own networks. For CSC, this was key because they have a tendency to partner with technology leaders and not develop their own enterprise solutions that do not fit into the scope of internal customer requirements. The move to acquire Service Mesh, therefore, helped establish themselves as not only a key IT contractor, but a technology provider that now could offer a market leading service that was on a par with the technology leaders that they normally partner with.

Eric Pulier played an important role in coming aboard at CSC and integrating his corporate offerings with the normal set of services that CSC provides. It wasn’t too long after the company was acquired that CSC signed a major agreement with IBM allowing IBM to sell its cloud services over the CSC Service Mesh Agility platform as a partner.

The IBM Partnership opened a lot more doors to a customer base that has not always used CSC’s services.

On the customer side, the effects were also fairly immediate, government agencies that CSC was bidding on contracts for became interested in the new set of services and the overall expanded capability served to enhance CSC’s image at a time when their sales team managed to bring in some large government contract wins.

So as CSC gets ready to split into two businesses, the Service Mesh acquisition is appears more and more like one of the better decisions that the corporation has made in the past decade.

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