How Cancer Treatment Centers of American is Creating Custom Treatment Plans

One of the biggest changes that has occurred with CTCA is their recent partnership with Allscripts and Nanthealth as they launch Clinical Pathways. This new system is a comprehensive way to approach their treatment of cancer, giving them a more successful and fighting chance. This is a new platform that now enables the doctors working with patients to come up with a more definitive strategy sooner, giving the patient a more confident outlook on their treatment and their journey forward into healing and overcoming their battle with cancer.

The ability to find evidence-based treatment gives these doctors an edge in their treatment approach and is a one-of-a kind platform at this time. Traditionally, in the past, doctors would approach cancer treatment based upon their own unique studies with patients and what they have witnessed in their own practices. Now with the eiviti platform they now have more research to lean on as they look for answers to problems with specific types of cancers and solutions that are more targeted to attack those problems.

The hope with this new custom technical solution is that this will not only help doctors find a more targeted approach for the patient, but that this will also help bring the patient and their families peace of mind.

As stated on Wikipedia, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, located in Boca Raton Florida is network of five hospitals across the country that is run on a for-profit basis. The only focus of this network of hospitals is to serve cancer patients, and their approach to care is to combine conventional care along with some complementary therapies as well in order to treat the whole patient.

The CTCA was founded by a gentleman whose mother died from cancer, Richard Stephenson. He was dissatisfied with treatment and was looking for a better way.

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