Highland Capital Management Wins HFM Awards

Highland Capital Management has won the HFM Awards of 2015. This firm holds about $20 billion in assets. The performance award that they have received was in the category of 40 Act fund – equity. These hedge funds are recognized by the HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award. Highland Capital has outperformed the other hedge funds when it comes to quality and quantity. They have also gained the trust of many large companies and clients due to their successful investment efforts. James Dondero attributes this award winning success to the experience and the expertise in healthcare investment by a team led by Michael Gregory.

James Dondero is the founder and the CEO of Highland Capital Management. He has over 30 years of experience in working with credit markets. His experience and expertise in dealing with finances has allowed him to come up with Collateral Loan Obligation. Tons of accolades and awards have been given to plenty of awards and other forms of recognition. James Dondero has always been in charge of a large sum of money. His ideas and practice has brought a lot of profit to his clients and his company.

James Dondero has worked for many different companies which include American express among other companies. After his job working at these companies he started his own hedge fund. His hedgefund is what gave him the recognition for his expertise in the market. He knows what to look for in a profitable company which is why his investment efforts prove to be very successful. Along with running his hedgefund, he also works as a chairman for companies like MGM Studios. Jim’s expertise and passion for work makes him someone that is trustworthy. Jim is also someone to learn from. He has a blog where he gives advice on how to make profitable investments.

Highland Capital Management under Jim’s ownership is a huge success and will continue to be a profitable business. He will continue to help the company and other companies make wise choices in where they put their investments. As they continue to make the investment choices, they will continue to impress and win awards with the profits that they make. They will also gain new clients and more trust as they continue to make profitable investments. Highland Capital specializes in many different investment situations like long only funds. Highland Capital recently added a new President of Institutional Products and has earned its awards for all of its diligence.

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