Dr. Johanan Rand is the Managing Director of Medical Centers for Healthy Aging situated in New Jersey. He started the facilities to offer substantive health to patients struggling with issues related to ageing. Each of his patients is given individual therapy session for preventing disease and restoring their vitality and health from their youth.

Dr. Johanan Rand has a specialty in administering Bioidentical hormones. He explains that we all have two sets of hormones; the bad and the good hormones. As one age, the good hormones in the bloodstream decrease while the bad ones increase. At his health facility, he administers bioidentical hormones which balance the good and bad hormones reducing other health risks from the patient’s bodies. Cholesterol levels, heart diseases and cancer risks being top. Their bodies gain more strength, energy and stamina. Bioidentical hormones have been determined effective and safe for use, unlike synthetic hormones.


Dr. Johanan Rand’s Wellness Program

Dr. Johanan Rand advises his patients to be part of the wellness program that increases a patient’s levels of hormones to the highest by employing a Nutrient Therapy (IV). However, each person needs a different solution due to the differences that our bodies have. He also provides educational materials to interested proactive members of the program. The doctor’s HGC diet is specially made for people that have not been able to lose weight through exercise and diet alone. HGC is a hormone produced during pregnancy to help in embryo growth. It also prevents muscles from deteriorating when on a diet.

The healthy ageing facility offers patients customized plans for treatment with the advantage of blood and genetic tests to determine the cause of their problems. Patients privacy is highly respected in the facility and content of their health only shared with the patient’s consent. The initials tests are done with optimum care for total assessment of a condition.

A patient’s review of Dr. Rand’s help on their weight loss shows that his medication is a great one. She states that after a long struggle with weight loss she lost 23 pounds of weight in 40 days which was breathtaking. Dr. Rand’s services are helping because many people age gracefully.


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