Handy Just Added The New Tipping Feature

Tipping has been a hot topic in the past few months as to whether companies should encourage tipping or do away with it and pay more money to the employees through wages. Handy recently allowed tipping on their app by including an all-new feature that allows customers to tip with their phones instead of with cash. Handy is a mobile app that has listings for home cleaning professionals, referred to as “Pros” by Handy, in more than twenty-five areas throughout the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. They are looking to expand their cleaning empire after receiving $50 million in funding earlier this year.

Cleaners have been tipped using cash and cash equivalents in the past, as tipping has never been offered by Handy in its roughly three and a half years of existence. The problem with cash tipping to home cleaners lies here. Most people venture off from their home to have a cleaner come by because it is easier to clean when nobody is in the way. After the cleaner leaves, they go home and go about their lives. The home owner is not able to provide a tip since the reasoning behind tipping is to pay someone extra for doing an especially good job.

Handy costs nothing to use on behalf of the customer because the cleaners are charged for listing themselves on Handy. It is pretty difficult for the average cleaner to advertise their services because typically only medium to large-sized firms have been able to afford advertising expenses, but Handy has brought a great voice to the whole of home cleaning professionals.

Handy only has listings in limited locations because there is a very long applications to seed out any miscreants or any cleaners who do not have proper experience. Many people tend to think that cleaning a home is easy, but there are many tricks that home cleaners use to perform the best job possible. Many products home cleaners have are not easily afforded by most people, so leave it to the professions. Less than six percent of those who apply to Handy eventually get listed on the app, providing a great selection of cleaners to choose from by the consumer base.

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