Graham Edwards: Lead CEO of Telereal Trillium Offers Advice

Telereal Trillium has been a significant success in the past decade. Not only is this because of the things that they offer to UK’s workforce community and investment firms, but this also is due to the CEO being such a great leader. Graham Edwards is the lead CEO of Telereal Trillium’s multi-billion dollar company that was started the early 2000s and has now become a massive success within the United Kingdom’s buildings and infrastructures (News.cision).

Graham Edwards led this company into a strategic property partnership with BT Plc that set them in the right direction to generate the amount of Revenue they see today. After many successes, Edwards led negotiations for Trillium as a market leader in property outsourcing. Graham Edwards before joining Telereal Trillium was an officer at Talisman Global Asset Management where he jump-started his career and doing so well with growing companies he would only venture out to help Telereal Trillium break records. Telereal Trillium now covers over 60 million square feet with a 6,700 ownership of properties in the area.

Telereal Trillium has created an environment where people should feel the need to succeed and prosper with the use of commercial acumen to chart a successful course and overcome challenges while in development with investment firms. Bringing new people on board Graham Edwards has achieved clients from many Industries and notable names to help keep the faith of Telereal Trillium and their reputation for excellence. Having helped Telereal Trillium become such a significant success, Graham Edwards has also received many awards to help grow and stabilized his focus within the Telereal Trillium company. We will see more of Graham Edwards accomplishments within the years to come as long as Telereal Trillium continues to grow and become a significant asset for more than 1% of UK’s workforce buildings.


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