Glen Wakeman Helps Budding Businesses To Not Fall Into The Trappings That Lead To Failure

Glen Wakeman started out his career by going to college, and his first stop was at the University of Scranton where he received a Bachelor’s of Science in Finance and Economics. After this, he studied at the University of Chicago where he earned an MBA. These degrees have been put to good use during his career in the financial world, and he is glad to have not skipped college to rush hastily into the business world first. After years of working with different companies, he now finds himself in the role of a mentor, and he especially helps entrepreneurs to help them see their goals through to completion. He knows that making connections is one of the most important things an entrepreneur can do, because not only can it help to obtain funding, but also can help to encourage customers to do business with them.

Glen Wakeman worked with GE Capital early on in his career and realized he had a knack for solving problems and helping customers to feel happy with their investments. He stayed with GE Capital for more than 20 years and eventually become the CEO of GE Money Latin America. While there, he helped the company make $12 billion, and he was able to live and work in many different countries, as well. This enabled him to gain experience and become quite knowledgeable in the development of businesses, general management, technology, operations, and the management of different regions. He also became the President of Nova Four during this time, which enabled him to learn about helping startups (Glenwakeman).

Eventually, Glen Wakeman launched LaunchPad, which is a startup accelerator that helps businesses to not fall into the trappings that have caused so many other businesses to fail. What enabled him to start LaunchPad was his curiosity that prompted him to look deeper into why the rate of failure was so high for new businesses. What he discovered was that most new enterprises don’t have a solid way to turn their ideas into a viable business plan. So, he created a software platform that helps them to do so.


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