George Soros’ Six Part Plan To The European Union’s Asylum Crisis

With the conflicts and war going on within Syria and the surrounding countries, it has caused a major crisis with refugees that hasn’t been seen in a long time. Because of this turmoil, thousands of women, men as well as children are trying to escape the threats within their countries and are looking for a place of safety in the countries of the European Union. This enormous amount of people on looking for asylum has caused a great deal of chaos as the countries within the European Union are all trying to deal with the refugees in their own way. This confusion has caused many refugees to endure loss and unnecessary suffering.

George Soros is a renowned investor, philanthropist, and humanitarian. According to the news article published on MarketWatch, George has a plan that contains six parts to aid the European Union and its countries to better manage the refugee crisis in a more humanitarian way. It is George Soros’s belief that the confusion and chaos currently going on in Europe is because of certain individual nations that are more focused on their own interests. He has a plan for universal compliance that will hopefully turn the chaos into order.

Based on the plan George Soros has made, the first part would have the European Union accepting at least a million refugees over the course of a year, for every year to come. Also, it will address the issues regarding the personal finances of the refugees. Under the plan, every refugee will receive 30,000 euros over the course of two years to help pay for housing, education, and health care. The second part of George’s plan would have the EU set the bar for the rest of the nations on around the world by supporting countries like Turkey and Lebanon financially to provide aid to the millions of refugees residing in these countries. The third step involves building an agency and European Union Border Patrol to form orderly procedures when dealing with refugees seeking asylum.

The next step of his plan is to set up travel routes for the refugees that are safe to use while moving between countries to avoid the possible dangers of crossing the Mediterranean. Step five would have the European Union set up as the model for the world to follow when dealing with refugees of other nations. The final part to his six step plan is to get the private sectors involvement with helping refugees using sponsorship’s to assimilate them into their countries.

The billionaire has seen his fair share of misfortune. Born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary, Soros witnessed the Nazi’s occupy Hungary during WWII. It took 17 years before George Soros was able to leave his communist government that was controlling his home country. In 1947, he traveled to England and managed to obtain a degree at the London School of Economics. Following his education, he went on and moved to the United States, where he took up on business and investing.

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