Geoffrey Cone Responds to Controversies Rocking Foreign Trust

Across New Zealand, different law firms have come up with unique specializations that have allowed them to serve their clients better. It is a country that has offered a perfect environment for those looking to pursue their cases, especially ones concerning estate and trust litigation. However, recent news by different media outlets have painted a different picture of the situation on ground and speculate that the rich are likely to benefit more from the tax setup being implemented.


These controversies have aroused the attention of professionals in the law fraternity, who have come out with vital information that has sought to eliminate the worry that has been created by the controversies. One of the trusted lawyers who have intervened to the matter is Geoffrey Cone, a professional whose presence at the law scene has brought about tremendous changes and achievements. He explains that the situation ailing the industry is nothing the local masses can rectify unless the system that created the laws is involved to change the situation.


Most importantly, he explains that there is no point in creating fear since the issue is simple if addressed in the right manner through the right channels. His response touches more on the contribution of the government to tax laws and how the amount paid affects foreign trusts.


He also cites the OECD regulations that seek to rank counties across the world in the tax haven category. The OECD considerations for a tax haven describe one as a state where there is complete transparency and easy transfer of information from one government to another. It also explains that there is need to have relaxed taxes and exemptions in some cases, so processes that require inter-border interactions can become easier and cheaper. Unfortunately, the country is nowhere near becoming a tax haven and it seems there is no political will to execute the idea.


Geoffrey Cone

An attorney with more than three decades working experience, Geoffrey Cone has contributed to the development of a system that makes the resolution of tax and estate cases easy. He is the founder of Cone Marshall and through the law firm he has worked on developing the industry to help clients from all parts of the world in achieving their goals. Geoffrey worked with different law firms before he founded Cone Marshall and this experience worked as a catalyst to the establishment of the firm as the only provider of international commercial litigation support.



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