From Finance to the Art World – A Former Hedge Fund Manager’s Passion for Art

Adam Sender wasn’t always known for his art collection.

Before making a name for himself as an art collector and owner of the Sender Collection, he was deep into a finance career at SAC Capital Advisors before striking out to form his own hedge fund in the late 1990s. It was around this time that he developed a taste for buying art, and many of the pieces he acquired have had a remarkable increase in value since then. In a piece for Interview Magazine, Sender states that he wouldn’t be able to afford many of those initial pieces if he bought them today.

In recent years, Sender has held art exhibitions at events in the Miami area, such as Art Basel Miami Beach in 2011. His exhibition of around 70 works out of his personal collection was held in one of the several Miami home properties he held at the time.

Those who have a chance to take a peek at his massive collection – with an estimated value of around 100 million USD – will find a preference for emerging artists who already have a few years under their belt, rather than completely new faces in the art world.

Despite its impressive size, in 2014 Sender has made moves to auction off large parts of his collection, which represents nearly 20 years of purchases. After closing down the hedge fund he started, Sender began selling off 400 pieces in his collection with an estimated value of 70 million USD. He also hasn’t been a stranger to profiting off his purchases in the past, having made impressive sales valuing almost 20 million in 2006.

Even after his plans to auction off that many works, Sender still remains passionate about art. He still holds on to a large part of his collection, and has no plans to stop growing it any time soon.

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