Fox News under Fire

Most new programs are credited with bringing fair and unbiased news stories. In recent years, there have been a few news networks that are under fire because of their inability to reach a broader area. Researchers that are invested in the Republican Party have recently questioned the authenticity of Fox news and its anchors. The Fox news team has the credit of being the very first cable news network that caters to Conservative Republican Americans. In the early 80s, the media was heavily dominated by the Democratic Party. Republican citizens couldn’t find a news channel that wasn’t geared at bashing them. When Fox news hit the scene, it was a complete game changer. Republican Americans could get their fair share of news and election coverage without feeling insulted by opposing Democrats. Fox news did very well for a number of years; Republican researchers who released their statements make claims that this all changed after September 11th, 2001.


News broadcasts all over the country were so shaken with fear that they often made claims that were fear-based and unsubstantiated; this includes the Fox news network. Ivan Ong was a bit disappointed in that. The only difference between Fox news and other broadcast stations is that Fox news continues to make fear-based claims. There have been multiple times were Fox news has had to apologize to its viewers for bringing less than true information. The Republican members who are calling Fox out still believe in the network. Their only wish is that the network finds a happy medium between conservative truth and unbiased reporting. The Republican Party demands to be taken seriously; the only way that can happen is if Fox news tightens up their ship.

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  1. Well fox news under fire is no surprise because news media should be fair and unbiased and maintainhat their reputation. That is more reason why America should worry more about fake news Perhaps third party like could be good to check them.

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