Florida Governor Rick Scott: Campaign Violation By End Citizens United

It was in mid-April of 2018 when the American Bridge made reports that the senator aspiring candidate Rick Scott was given some donations from the executives of private equities. This is said that their firms had already got some benefits from Scott decision which was about the “state pension fund investments.” the SEC of 2010 ruled expressly where it was able to prohibit the financial firms to stop funding the public officials’ campaigns who have been influencing the state pension investments. The donations were rolled out in PAC which was the New Republican. Scott was still assuming the chairmanship role in the group even in May 2017. It is said that the firm got benefits of more than $3 million which came from Florida investments. The purpose of the ruling by SEC was to be able to protect the investments decision which was a political influence and gave a chance to End Citizens United the base for the charge allegations.

It was soon after Scott had announced his senatorial running plan for Bill Nelson’s Democratic position in the Congress but there was a complaint by Federal Election commission because they said he had broken the law. It was End Citizens United, Bozzi who had made the predictions failure for Scott temptation to serve his interest by manipulating the law. Adam Bozzi is the communication Director of End Citizens United. He thinks that Florida voters don’t trust Scott, so that is why he is trying to use shady political tricks yet they won’t expect they be looked upon by him.

Adam tried to express his concern for Scott violating the federal law and therefore he will require an immediate investigation into the allegations he made. The Federal Election Commission was the organization which had the mandate to investigate Scott’s allegations. Adam, End Citizens United also insisted that there was also evidence that was existing in “shady political tricks” which Scott was using so that he could advance his political agendas so that they could amount to a better significant degree. Some of the findings that made Adam raise his allegations is because Scott had used the same fundraiser called Jenny Drucker, Scott campaign and New Republican PAC. The other issue was that his political organization uses a similar address with PAC which was in accordance with the FEC filing in February. The PAC had funded a March poll which later featured the inquiries regarding Scott’s campaign. The voters were reminded when Scott was the CEO had overseen the largest Medicare fraud which was the nation’s history.

About End Citizens United: endcitizensunited.org/our-team/

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