Flavio Maluf – An Inspiration to all Budding Entrepreneurs in the Country

Presently, the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Eucatex Group of Companies, Flavio Maluf first stepped into his family company in 1987 as its board member and working in its trade area. The company itself was established in 1951.


The company has been innovative right from the start using Eucalyptus, a unique type of wood to create its products. Its products cater mostly to home requirements and a small extent of industrial needs. From the start, the company has emphasized on making environmentally green products. The company today offers its products to construction agencies as well as furniture manufacturers. In the furniture department, it produces wood fiber plates, MDP and Tamburato while its construction segment offers modular partitions, laminate floors, doors, and paints.


The company adopted a comprehensive strategy of modernization under Flavio Presidency, which he assumed in 1997. Always on the lookout of precision, perfection, and success, Flavio gave the company a direction and aim that was never there before. He expanded the company by opening different branches in different states of Brazil. It started by opening industrial agencies in Salto, Sao Paulo state and manufacturing Medium Density Fiberboard and Thin High-Density Fiberboard there. To reduce environmental damage, they produced recycled plant materials from wood residue. Flavio is especially particular about reducing environment pollution. It has made the company being recognized as the first environmentally friendly company. The company has also accumulated an ISO 14001 certification of conforming to the environmental protection standards.


It is Flavio’s leadership which had made the company clock a 30 percent increase in its profits in 2014. He is quite an inspiration to any budding entrepreneurs. He regularly writes different blogs in which he not only shares his entrepreneurial tips but gives helpful advice and tips on how to perform in interviews, succeed at work and climb the corporate ladder. He also talks about Brazil’s future in perspective of various mergers happening currently.

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