Feel Elegance with the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Experience

Are you looking to setup a profitable outlet in Brazil or experience ideal shopping, leisure, fun, entertainment, and relaxation? We have the perfect choice for you – the Roberto Santiago Manaira shopping mall! It is a new fun and exciting place to spend time with family enjoying great meals on Wikipedia, the company of friends and a fantastic view of the city. Named after the local owner and developer located in Manaira, the shopping complex is designed to feel spacious, bright with natural lighting and serenely edifying without seeming to try too hard.

Roberto Santiago is an accomplished investor and Business Administration graduate from Joao Pessoa. Santiago started his business development empire with a small packaging company in his hometown delivering niche ornamental and functional products. Roberto Santiago’s ventures in commercial and residential real estate development have seen him become one of the most sought-after developers in Brazil showcasing several contemporary and exquisitely built shopping complexes such as the flagship Robert Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall right in his hometown. The northeastern city is popular for its magnificent views, perfect sunsets, and stunning beaches.

The shopping mall offers wholesome family entertainment, luxury and leisure shopping, relaxation and delectable cuisine with a whole floor dedicated as a food court. Technology is at the heart of the architecture, and it leverages the great bright natural environment with vivid colors, easy navigation with escalators and bright daylight so inviting it’s hard not to go in and check it out. For the calculating business owner on AgenciaoGlobo.com or the demanding consumer, for business or leisure, Manaira Shopping is the go-to place for convenience, comfort and leisure options.

Comprising of movie halls with the latest 3D and VIP rooms such as the top rated Cinepolis theaters, a technology packed electronic amusement park popularly known as the Game Station, a gourmet space, and a food court, the shopping center is definitely an attraction in itself. Have you ever experienced a great concert right from the roof with the stars watching over you? Welcome to the concert hall known as the Domus Hall on the roof for memorable experiences that will leave you raving for more. Concerts, festivals and all manner of fairs happen here.

The design and layout by Roberto Santiago of the stores and conveyance spaces leave no doubt that consumer convenience is key with complementary stores placed nearby. Move even the most cumbersome products such as hardware and furniture effortlessly. The mall Of Roberto Santiago has an elegant website where you can check out their directory to see where to find your favorite vendors.

If the great stores don’t get you, the ambiance will. Balcony shrubbery, organic palm trees dotting the ground floor and open seating space is perfect for that tranquility that you desire to catch up with friends. Being a local himself, Roberto Santiago understands the needs of the business and local communities and attracts massive numbers of customers with little marketing. With proposed expansion in sight, the experience is expected to get even more options. Don’t miss out on the best. You know where it’s to be found!

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