Eucatex Has Transformed Itself Into A Multi-National Company

The old days in Brazil were primitive ones. Not much was happening in Brazil, in terms of exporting back in the 1950s, but one company had plans to change all that. Eucatex was born in 1951 from the base established in the sawmill trade by Americana Sawmill Americana. Americana Sawmill Americana supplied wood to various companies in Brazil, but Eucatex had bigger plans.

The fathers of Eucatex knew that the eucalyptus tree was the answer to producing quality ceiling tiles and panels, and they developed a plan to begin exporting that product. During the 1960s, Eucatex started exporting ceiling tiles to Europe, and that started a trend that continues today.

Brazilian eucalyptus is an incredible tree, according to Eucatex president, Flavio Maluf. Eucalyptus grows quickly, and Eucatex makes sure that it doesn’t deplete their supply by developing eucalyptus plantations. Eucatex eucalyptus plantations produce millions of trees and they are used for a variety of products.

Eucalyptus oil is an important ingredient in producing other Eucatex products, according to mechanical engineer, Maluf. Maluf took the reins of Eucatex in 1997, and the company has had incredible growth under his leadership. Today, Eucatex employs more than 2,200 people and exports to 37 countries. The company now has four factories that produce MDF and MDP panels, paints, varnishes and doors.

One of the most important elements in the growth of Eucatex is the quality of their products. Eucatex started producing quality building materials in Brazil long before quality was important to the mainstream population of Brazil. That is one of the reasons the company began exporting. Other more developed countries had a demand for unique ceiling tiles and panels 50 years ago, and they needed a reputable source, so Eucatex filled a void in the market. The company still fills that void for countries all over the world.

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