Eric Pullier Is Focused on Philanthropy

Eric Pulier is on a philanthropic mission to fix a few problems that have proven to be quite challenging for humankind. His emphasis is on using technology to improve the lives of children who have physical impairments. His initiatives are ongoing both in the U.S. and in other parts of the world.

Pulier has been doing this kind of work for decades. Early in his life he developed educational software programs that were used to teach those who suffered from Multiple Sclerosis how to deal with their disease.

People who used the programs were able to use their PCs to engage in an educational experience that used complex multimedia. Even those who lacked motor control skills and couldn’t use the keyboard were able to use a beam device instead. That allowed them to interact with their system while answering quiz questions.

Pulier was honored in 2010 at the U.S. Doctors for Africa benefit. The event took place before a packed house in New York City. Pulier received accolades due to his bringing technological innovation to bear in Africa for people’s health needs.

Pulier has also served on the Clinton Global Initiative as a member. For that initiative, he explored setting up a program that would be used to provide low-cost cloud services to communities that were not being served by traditional vendors.

Pulier is also the founder of the Ace Foundation. This 501C3 NGO maintains the purpose of changing how software is used in regards to the largest challenges facing humanity. They are working on multiple projects. That includes a plan for clean water distribution and an HIPAA compliant monitoring system. Ace has also partnered with HeroX as sponsors of ongoing technology contests to address major humanitarian issues.

Pulier also collaborates on and donates to “Campaign for Free College Tuition.” This 501C3 NGO was formed to provide tuition-free college educations to all Americans. The high cost of tuition has long prevented many qualified candidates from pursuing higher education. Four-year degrees often leave Americans in debt and many cannot even afford to go. Technology is transforming how education is distributed. This new campaign will tap existing infrastructure to deliver free education to many who may not otherwise receive it.

Pulier remains dedicated to his philanthropic mission. He’s a believer that technology is the main driver of a better world where some of the problems that face humanity can be eradicated. Most problems that are no longer around were once considered to be unbeatable. With enough effort they have been eradicated. The same can be done now with commitment and vision. Expect more innovations from Pulier in the future as he continues to pursue his objectives. The problems of the world will only be solved through effort.

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