Eric Pulier: His Career and Philanthropic life

Eric Pulier is a well established American entrepreneur. Apart from entrepreneurship, Pulier is an author and a philanthropist. He is based in the city of Los Angeles in California. He has been operating from the city since 1991.
Eric Pulier was born and raised in New Jersey. Even as a child, Pulier had always worked hard. In the fourth grade, he started learning programming. By high school, he had perfected his programming skills enabling him to start a database computer company. He later joined Harvard University. That was in 1984. At Harvard University, Pulier majored both in English and American literature. During his time at Harvard, he was an editor with the Harvard Crimson and also wrote a column for the magazine. He also managed to attended classes at MIT where he graduated in 1988.
He returned to entrepreneurship life in 1991 when he moved to Los Angeles and founded the People Doing Things (PDP). The company uses technology to address issues such as education and healthcare in the city of Los Angeles. He founded Digital Evolution in 1994. Digital Evolution is an interactive agency. In 1994, the Digital Evolution merged with US Interactive LLC. Eric Pulier also helped start Starbright World. Starbright World is a private social network. The network is tailored for children who are chronically ill. These children can use the network to blog, post content, chat and meet other children with similar illness.
The Bridge to the 21st Century was created and executed by Eric Pulier in 1997. This was after he was selected by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to do so. The Bridge to the 21st Century was a presidential exhibition in technology. The exhibition was in Washington D.C. The success of the exhibition led to his inclusion in health care and technology forum of the then vice president. Al Gore was the vice president of the United States at the time. Pulier is also associated with the Clinton Global Initiative.
Some other ventures founded by Eric Pulier are Media Platfrom, Desktone and Akana. He co-authored a top rated enterprise book called Understanding Enterprise SOA. The book is highly recognized in the field. It helped Pulier share his entrepreneurship knowledge with readers.
Eric Pulier sits on a number of charity boards; He is sits on the board of X-prize Foundation, and The Painted Turtle. The first one deal with humanity challenges while the second one is a children camp. He also donates to a number of charity organizations.

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