EOS releases great new Vegan Lip balm

EOS is an innovative modern brand and has already once changed the lip balm market and seems poised to do it yet again with a new product launch offering this year. Before discussing their product offering it is a good idea to understand where the brand comes from.

EOS was founded by individuals who worked in the personal care market and saw a real opportunity in the lip balm industry due to its lack of innovation. Customers weren’t getting the high quality lip balm that they were looking for until EOS launched. EOS launched a line of all natural lip balms that came in unique shaped orbs and in a variety of whimsical flavors. Customers loved the high quality of their lip balms and began to seek them out which led to the success of the brand. See https://www.dm.de/eos-lippenpflege-erdbeersorbet-lippenbalsam-p832992010978.html.

Now EOS has a new innovation – a vegan lip balm, see this. While most lip balms are vegan as they are a by product of oil refining (hence the term petroleum jelly), EOS’ lip balm is not as it uses beeswax, an animal product. That changes with EOS Crystal which is a wholly vegan offering that many customers have long been seeking.

To start, EOS is only offering to flavors of Crystal Vegan lip balm; vanilla orchid which is a delightful and unique lip balm, and peach hibiscus which has a great peach flavor like their summer fruit lip balm, available here at amazon.de. Otherwise, the EOS Crystal line tastes and feels just like the standard EOS lip balm, and that is a good thing. EOS has long been known for quality and it is a good thing that not much is lost on the transition to a wholly vegan lip balm.

EOS Crystal is now available in stores or online for easy ordering and home delivery.

Source: evolutionofsmooth.com.

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