Dr. David Samadi Discussed A Few aspects of His Life

Dr. David B Samadi is a doctor out of Iran. Through his life, he has accomplished many difficult tasks that have put him in the position he is in today. He was granted a full ride scholarship to Stony Brook University where he earned his degree in biochemistry.

He then went on to become the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. Although he has found great success, it was not handed to him easily. He faced many barriers in life. As a young teenager, he was forced out of his country due to a revolution. He then found himself studying in Belgium and London before finally making his way to the United States. Upon his arrival, he worked through and completed high school in Roslyn, New York. Today he has achieved the status as the highest paid doctor in all of New York. Dr. Samadi discussed a few aspects of his life which was presented in a recent article. He was interviewed and asked to address a few key details that some may not know about him. To start off, Dr. Samadi discussed exactly what his job consists of.

He explained that his main task at hand is to locate and treat prostate cancer within men. He also explores ways to make the treatment easier. One of his contributions is the designing of robot surgery techniques. Dr. Samadi wanted to address the fact that traditional prostate surgery caused a handful of uncomfortable side effects to patients. In result, Dr. Samadi created a way of using robots to help the surgery. He was able to design models that could very precisely get the job done. Through doing so, he was able to spare many patients of the unpleasant side effects that normally occur. This is a good example of the way Dr. Samadi does his work. He loves advancing the field he is in, however he enjoys helping others even more. Dr. Samadi is a very hard working, selfless man. He is in the office at 6 AM and works vigorously throughout the day. He loves his job and makes sure to focus on the positive aspects regarding work.

He reduces his stress using natural breathing techniques. He also surrounds himself with determined, diligent people like himself. Dr. Samadi is one of the greatest doctors of his kind. He cares about his patients and loves helping them out.

Dr. David Samadi info: interview.net/dr-david-samadi/

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